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    This Fund was initiated and established on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University by Tsinghua University Education Foundation, Tsinghua Alumni Association, 308 alumni, Tsinghua’s Friends and their organizations. It is named New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University. Its office is in Tsinghua University Education Foundation.

    • Purpose

      To support alma mater Tsinghua University to develop continuously in an all-round way and ascend to the ranks of world’s best universities in an early time, put up a platform for communication and exchange of alumni and help each other to realize common success.
    • Mission

      The mission of the program is to encourage teaching, learning, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement.
    • Features

      Donor’s representatives involve in management decision making. The amount of donations is accumulated throughout donor’s life. When the amount of donations exceeds 10,000 yuan, the donor will automatically become a member of the Fund Donor Conference and be entitled to the right to elect and be elected in the Fund. New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University is an endowment fund.
    • Management Mode

      The management mode of the program includes diversified sources, standardized management, and professional operation.
    • Institutional framework

      The institutional framework includes main framework, the board of management, the board of management, and the directors and supervisors of the Fund.
    • Asset Management and Use

      New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University provides subsidies according to the purpose and fund use range specified in the articles of association. If the donation agreement explicitly specifies the concrete content of subsidies, then the provisions of the donation agreement shall be complied with.

    Member of the Board of Management

    On May 4, 2011, the First Session of the First Board of Management of New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University was held. The members of the board were elected by more than 200 donors from among the self-recommended or recommended candidates. This meeting elected chairman, vice chairman and secretary general of the board.

    Donor’s Rights and Interests

    • To receive “Commemorative Certificate for Donation to New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University”
    • A lifelong accumulation system is adopted for the donation amount of the participant.
    • To enjoy the preferential right to use some of the resources inside the university.
    • To attend scheduled annual yearend conference.
    • To attend various kinds of unscheduled industrial seminars, forums, activities and cocktail parties.

    Subsidized Programs

    Inaugural Ceremony

    On the afternoon of May 8, 2011, the inaugural ceremony of New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University was held in the reception hall of the main building. Tsinghua President Gu Binglin, Party Secretary Hu Heping, TUEF Chairman He Meiying, TUEF Vice Chairman Yang Jiaqing, leaders of related departments of Tsinghua University as well as the founders of New Century Development Fund, donors, social friends, alumni and student representatives in total of more than 150 people attended the ceremony. Tsinghua Executive Vice President Chen Jining presided over the inaugural ceremony.

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    Messages from All Walks of Life

    The purpose of New Century Development Fund of Tsinghua University is “collection of funds, intelligence, efforts and cohesion”. The future development of Tsinghua relies on all alumni, teachers and students’ efforts in “collection of funds, intelligence, efforts and cohesion”. Only in this way, can we create a great university.

    Tsinghua University President Chen Jining

    Longing, or not longing for, Alma Mater is still here and will not go; seeing, or not seeing, our “hearts” stay together forever and will not be separated. Wish our “hearts” with love for Tsinghua always stay together and more efforts are made for the development of Tsinghua in the new century and for new and greater contribution of Tsinghua to the progress of China and world in the new century.

    Former Tsinghua University President Gu Binglin

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