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    Tsinghua Spotlights

    Tsinghua Spotlights

    • “Let’s Run, Dear DCST!”2015-06-03

      In order to raise health awareness amongst alumni and to create a positive fitness environment, on the first day of April 2015, the Department of Computer Science and Technology (DCST) at Tsinghua University launched a long-distance running challenge event called “Let’s Run, Dear DCST!” Different from other fitness activities, the event used Wechat to notify all alumni to take on the challenge.

    • Festivals for the Ethnic minorities2015-06-02

      On May 15, 2015, the 12th festival for the ethnic minorities named “nationality movements” was launched at Tsinghua University’s Student Services Centre.

    • Drive away the loneliness of “Children of the Stars”2015-06-01

      Many institutions adopt art education to treat and cure autistic children both at home and abroad. Here we have two teachers in the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University (THAAD), they have used arts and design to help autistic children restore their health. Meanwhile, they appeal the whole society to care and love autistic children while keeping them away from loneliness.

    • Yang Jingda: Growing along with the students2015-05-28

      At Tsinghua’s School of Economics and Managements (SEM), there is a saying amongst students, “You’ve got difficulties? Go and find Jingda.” When students encounter any difficulties either during their studies or campus life, be it about exchange, selecting or cancelling courses, issues with love life….they will all go to Room 116 at the Wei Lun Building. Ms. Yang Jingda is always there to offer students a sense of direction when lost, care and support. For 12 years, Ms. Yang have treated students with genuine kindness and without realizing so, Yang slowly became an important figure in many of students’ heart.

    • Chinese designers presented “mood·object”2015-05-27

      From April 13thto 26th, 6 well-known designers from China jointly held an exhibition called “Huasong·Designing China” during Milan Design Week and they successfully presented China’s modern design look to the whole world.

    • “My country and my people”: My roots , my land2015-05-26

      ?The famous writer in China Mr. Lin Yutang (1895 - 1976) wrote in his English worksMy Country and My People: “China is such a great country, life for her citizens are complicated.”. Although today’s China is different from the China during his times, China is still in a complex situation where regional developments are unequal and there are many layers of social problems and contradictions. The winter of 2015, the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Automation and School of Humanities at Tsinghua University carried out the social practice under the theme of “my country and my people”. Students return to their hometown to observe and reflect up issues that concerns their country and people.

    • Challenge Cup “Laser engraving machine” Team2015-05-25

      Nowadays, laser processing has become a very important tool in the industrial field. The basic principle of laser processing is the use of high energy density from the laser beam on processed surface though processes such as instantaneous melting and gasification. These help to realize high efficiency and precision when processing a variety of materials. Laser processing technology is also a new and high-level technology, which has been heavily supported and promoted by our country.

    • Student Archery Association of Tsinghua University: Promoting Traditional Chinese Culture2015-05-22

      China’s neighbors South Korea and Japan saw their traditional archery being completely handed down. Such traditions have been adapted to suit contemporary needs. Archery lessons were set up in university courses and students wear traditional clothes during their competitions. The presence of traditional archery in China was not in any ways weaker than our neighbors however, the presence of China’s traditional archery reduces in contemporary times. In order to better learn cultural heritage, the association takes part in the culture revival project supported by

    • Looking back at 30 years of Tsinghua postdoctoral training2015-05-22

      There is a special group of people at universities and research institutes. They are special since they are a class of people who is neither students nor teaching staff. They are the main force of scientific research as well as personnel training. They just received their doctorate degree and are engaged in postdoctoral research. In 1985, Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee proposed an idea to establish a post-doctoral research center system for Ph.D. students. Mr. Deng Xiaoping gave particular instructions “to train talents during practice, to discover, nurture and use advanced talents.” This started China’s first post-doctoral training system.

    • Masters Candidate Feng Jixiong won the DRR 2015 Best Student Paper Award2015-05-21

      Rich and vital collections of historical Chinese documents are all precious cultural heritages, since China has a unique history continuously recorded for thousands of years. In the information age, to preserve and use historical documents with the aid of digital technologies has completely become a new field to explore. Document recognition is one of the key technologies, which uses computer algorithms to convert the scanned historical document images into full-text retrievable electronic documents, so as to provide convenient and timely access to research resources for scholars. However, different writing styles, insufficient tagged training samples and a huge amount of character categories of Chinese historic characters make this task immensely challenging.

    • “Every children can be a beautiful flower.”2015-05-19

      During the 2015 winter vacation, Tsinghua University’s Xu Hongzhi, Jin Tianyu, Wang Yinglun, Liao Andi and others from various schools and departments, formed their own social practice team and carried out their investigation. April 2015, their findings “Comparative study of left-behind and floating children” received unanimous support and praises from the “Challenge Cup” judges and subsequently won them a “Grand Prize” Award.

    • 30 years of Tsinghua’s Red Cross Society2015-05-15

      The RCST established on the 18th of January 1985 has already welcomed her 30thBirthday. The Students Branch of RCST was established on the 8th of May 1987 and as an important grass root organization of the Red Cross Society of China. For more than 20 years, not only has the Student Branch increased in organizational structure, it has also grown into one with full competence in carrying out wide range of activities.

    • China's premier cheers on makers in a written reply to Tsinghua students2015-05-08

      Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has lauded the younger generation's spirit of entrepreneurialism and self-motivation, according to a post on the central government's website.

    • Liu Jing Research Group: Successfully developed the world’s first liquid metal robot2015-05-07

      People who have seen the classic science fiction The Terminator would be thoroughly impressed by the scene that the terminator accomplishes self-repairing after being pierced by bullets and it could easily change shapes according to the space it voyages in. Since then, many reveries were brought up: “Is it really possible to create liquid metal machines?” This question is exactly what the scientists want to resolve.

    • Saluting to Those Continuously Work after Midnight at Tsinghua Campus2015-05-06

      ?Tsinghua Campus covers 394 hectares and currently more than 50,000 people are living here, while everyone is busy turning dreams to reality, they also encounter many setbacks and adversities. When the morning sun rises in the east sky, Tsinghua campus starts singing, even though the night screen has hung down, it doesn’t stop resounding.

    • 2015 campus marathon U-run: Run, students2015-05-05

      ?On April 12th, 2015, the U-run Campus Marathon was held in Tsinghua. A total of 2227 students, teachers and alumni gathered on the Zijing playground and participated in this grand event.

    • Field of Hope, Fountain of Life: Milan World Expo China Pavilion2015-04-29

      ?From May to October, 2015, Milan is going to hold the Universal Exposition – Expo Milano 2015, with the theme of “Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life” focusing on agriculture, grain and food. The China Pavilion named “The Field of Hope” designed by the Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University, has just completed construction and will greet the visitors in the sunshine of Italy in May.

    • ACUC: Let students take upon the leading roles in educational reforming2015-04-22

      The establishment of ACUC is a brave trial; Tsinghua drew on the experience of some world-class universities and fully combined the advantages of Tsinghua students with the teaching traditions and subjects characteristics. Members of the committee came from different grades and studied different disciplines, some of them had experiences of overseas exchange, and therefore they were familiar with the learning situation in foreign courses. Some other students who had strong leadership, good observation abilities and service spirits were also recruited in the committee.

    • Xu Jinghong: Fulfilling my dream at Tsinghua2015-04-21

      2015 marked the 30th Anniversary of Mr. Xu and his classmates’ undergraduate years. He has been personally involved in the reforms of Tsinghua as well as the construction and development of Tsinghua Science Park. Looking back, Mr. Xu’s destiny is closely tied with Tsinghua. “I’ve had a lot of opportunities to leave Tsinghua University, but I didn’t. It is my life. As with the last 20 years of development of Tsinghua Science Park, we have transformed it into the best university science and technology park in the world. Our corporate culture is to be grateful, to stand on solid ground and to look at the future’. I think this is the spirit of Tsinghua University where we strive towards social commitment, where we stand on solid ground, where we ensure that actions speak louder than words and where we look into the future with an undying sense of self-improvement.”

    • TusPark: 20 years of Innovation2015-04-17

      After twenty years of innovative exploration and practice in science and technology, TusPark has formed a theoretical and operational system with its own characteristics. By building a platform for R&D cooperation, TusPark achieves fruitful achievements in the promotion of regional independent innovation, scientific and technological development and transform, and incubation of start-up enterprises. The twenty-year journey of TusPark is a representative of Tsinghua University’s commitment to the innovative development of itself, as well as the social and economic development of the nation, which relies on the thorough understanding and connection of the worldwide best practices and China’s own conditions.

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