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    World Peace Forum

    The World Peace Forum is a global forum on international security held under the approval of the State Council. The forum invites influential politicians from major countries, heads of international organizations, experts from international think tanks, and high-ranking executives of multinationals to discuss global situations and international security. The forum is positioned to be a non-governmental high-level global forum.

    • Background

      Initiated in 2012, the World Peace Forum is organized by Tsinghua University with assistance from Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs. It is China's first non-governmental high-level forum on international security. It was institutionalized in 2013 and will be held in each year's summer. It is intended to provide a platform for strategists to talk about international security issues.
    • Subject

      The World Peace Forum is a platform where politicians, military officers, academics, and business people from all over the world gather for discussions and negotiations on how to promote international cooperation on security and how to beef up security. The forum is expected to develop into the most influential mechanism for communication over international politics and peace.
    • Topics

      How a changing international situation impacts international security、Innovation of ideas about how to maintain international security、China's national revitalization and diplomatic transformation、International cooperation on cyber-security、Threats to international security、China's relations with its neighbors、Security in East Asia, etc.
    • Core Competitiveness

      There are three types of international security forums: defense forums, political security forums, and unofficial security forums. The World Peace Forum is positioned to be a global forum on international security, focusing on Asia-Pacific security and also addressing global security issues. It covers a wider range of topics than a lot of existing regional security forums and is attended by leaders of major countries.
    • Outlook

      The World Peace Forum is devoted to achieving three goals at different levels. At the high level, we hope this forum functions as a platform where new concepts and thoughts are proposed and supported. At the medium level, we hope the forum is a place where ideas are shared freely. At the low level, we hope this forum serves to raise awareness of international security and draw people's concern about world peace.


    Chairperson: Tang Jiaxuan Vice Chairpersons: Yang Jiechi, Yuan Guiren,Yang Wenchang,Chen Jining Council Director: Chen Jining Deputy Council Directors: Xie Weihe,Wang Xuelian Secretary General: Yan Xuetong
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    The First World Peace Forum was reported by 42 media agencies from 12 countries. The Second World Peace Forum was reported by 61 overseas media agencies in 75 articles and 8 languages -- Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, and Spanish, as opposed to only Chinese and English for the first forum. Microblogs about the second forum were read 2.85 million times.
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    Sparkling Quotes

    If a country is to develop, it must allow other countries to develop. If a country is to seek security for itself, it must work to ensure security for other countries. If a country is to prosper, it must allow other countries to prosper. All countries must be broad-minded to cooperate and innovate in a responsible manner. Let's endeavor together for a win-win situation where we unite to face all kinds of issues and challenges, creating harmonious and stable environments for the whole world and specific regions.

    Xi Jinping

    To meet security challenges that are becoming ever more complex and multi-dimensional, we must update obsolete traditional security theories and set up new concepts for international security. Security comes out of peace, development, cooperation, and a win-win situation. All people from all countries that love peace and all people that have vision should act in concerted efforts for peace and development. This is how we pursue security through lasting peace, and this is how we build a world of common prosperity.

    Li Yuanchao